We provide OEM and ODM to customers through our organization.Our services to our clients including:

Design and product development

A well-trained professional team, focusing on product development, constantly submit materials and design plans to customers.We have the ability to execute sampling plan and sales sample according to customer's design and technical package.Our team has also developed a complete series based on trend forecasts and the latest shows.We have internal sampling units to ensure execute fastly.

Producing tracking

A highly trained and experienced team with production merchandisers and production experts ensures that the customer's purchasing and import teams are supported at all the time,and its ensure the correct follow up of customer instructions.

Technical expertise and quality assuranc

Clothing technicians analyze the products before being produced, to ensure correct and appropriate manufacturing techniques are used.

In all plants, the company has a highly qualified quality control team that ensures proper inspections are carried out at all stages of producing.

At all locations, we have a team of trained quality person who can carry out final inspections at AQL levels 1, 1.5, 2.5 and 4 before shipment according to customer’s specifications.