Company profile

Jiaxing Mengdi Import and Export Company is affiliated to Mengdi Group, is a local professional clothing trade company in Jiaxing since 1980. The company is located in Jiaxing city, Zhejiang Province, in the Yangtze River Delta economic center. Every year, we exports over 10 million pieces of clothing, covering all categories of knitting, woven, sweaters and coats. the company serves over 100 middle and high-end clothing brands around the world, producing and delivering more than 2,000 styles to customers every year. The group covers a total area of 360,000 square meters and has 1,000 employees. It is an integrated industrial and trade group company with modern equipment and excellent management.

We pay attention to product quality management with global BSCI and WRAP and other certification, at the same time pay attention to the environmental protection concept of the product, green organic environmental protection for the purpose, through the international environmental protection certification. Such as GOTS, GRS,OCS,FSC......


We have our own branch in Hong Kong for the supply chain in Southeast Asia, we have our own design team and fast sample production team to sevice small quantity orders and fast production. In product development, we have a long-term cooperation with fashion designers in Italy, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

At the same time, we introduced clothing 3D software, using 3D technology to promote the digital display form of fabrics, products and designs in an orderly manner, adapt to the digital industry reform and provide quality to services for our customers.

We provide OEM and ODM to customers through our organization.Our services to our clients including: Design and product development/Producing tracking/Technical expertise and quality assuranc
A well-trained professional team, focusing on product development, constantly submit materials and design plans to customers.


Protection of environment is the non-resistible responsibility of all Chinese enterprises for the society.

Based upon innovative technology, Mengdi increased its portion of social responsibilities. It has invested more to the environment protection, involved in the promotion of harmless technology, strived to reduce the pollution caused in all scenarios of the production, to reduce the energy consumption and conserve resources,establishing the positive image of Mengdi responsible for the society. At present, company had obtained WARP, GRS,OCS,GOTS,BSCI,FSC,SYIC certifications.